Terms and Conditions
1. HanWebFusion e-Shop (known as e-Shop) is a product developed and owned by Hanventure Worldwide (known as Provider).
2. e-Shop is an e-Commerce Website Portal equip with shopping cart and payment gateway supported by International Payment Gateway such as Paypal.
3. e-Shop will offer unlimited product population to the internet via self-manage and self-maintain
4. New subscriber will enjoy a 12-month FREE subscription to e-Shop from the form sign-up date. You understand there will be a subsequent yearly renewal fee incur. If you do not wish to make the renewal payment, Provider has the rights to suspend or terminate the respective e-Shop without prior notice
5. Subscriber will be given a sub-domain name (like http://<yourname>.hanwebfusion.com) to access their individual e-Shop portal via internet.
6. Subscriber does not allow publishing of any unlawful contents, photos, videos and other to the e-Shop without legal permission. For example, pornographic, gambling, political and many. If found, Provider has the rights to immediately remove or temporary suspend the website activity without prior notice. The subscriber has to take all the responsibility and penalty from the legal action.
7. Subscriber agrees to pay for any additional fee which not include in the FREE offer like Domain Registration, Training, Programming, Graphic Design, Currency Add-on, E-mail Hosting, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Promotion
8. e-Shop will not save or store any payment transaction information from buyer(s) in the database and server
9. As any payment transaction fault, subscriber has to direct communicate or complain to Paypal or others to rectify the issue.
10. Registered e-Shop account is not allowed to transfer or sale to third-party
11. Subscriber allows Provider to publish advertisement banner, news to inside the e-Shop
12. Subscriber has the rights to request terminate the e-Shop service in 30 days advance letter fax notification
13. For any complains and suggestion, you have to communicate with us via email, skype or phone
14. You are not allowed to disclose any Private & Confidential agreement to any not related party or 3rd party person.